Johanna Boyd, M.A., LMFT


An Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree in General Transfer from Pierce Community College in Lakewood, Washington. Graduated in 2005.

A Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) degree in Self in Society from the University of Washington in Tacoma, Washington.Graduated in 2007.

A Masters of Arts (M.A.) degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington.Graduated in 2009.

Post-Doctoral Candidate (Ph.D. Candidate) in Marriage and Family Therapy specializing in Child and Adolescent Therapy from Northcenteral University.Anticipated graduation 2018.


Infinite Possibilities, Puyallup, WA

Therapist, 2009-Present

Greater Lakes Mental Health, Lakewood, WA

Clinical Intern, 2008-2009

Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA

Clinical Therapist In Training, 2008-2009


I am a Washington State Approved Supervisor. The rate for supervision for associate therapists is $60 for each hour. Each hour of supervision will count towards licensure in addition to translating theoretical practices to real life cases. It is my goal in supervision to help each associate therapist further their professional development and become the therapist they really want to be.


I am a clinical member of the following organizations:


  • American Association of Marriage and Family Therapist (AAMFT)
  • Washington Association of Marriage and Family Therapist (WAMFT)


My challenging childhood was what inspired me to be a therapist. The challenges I have overcome in my childhood have left me with a desire to help children, adolescents, and their parents navigate their way through difficult issues. I am very good at helping adolescents and their parents in resolving their conflicting issues, and expanding parents’ repertoire of skills to handle many struggles of raising children. My other area of expertise is turning childhood issues into adulthood strengths.

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