What to Expect

Prior to coming in for your first session complete the forms and bring them with you. You can download the forms off of this website or they can be sent to you by mail.

When you arrive to the first session we will sit down and discuss why you are coming in for therapy. At the conclusion of this session we will make a joint decision as to what we will do at the next session. Generally, the first 3 – 4 sessions are used to establish a plan of treatment. When providing couple or family therapy I may meet individually with each person or sub groups within the family to finalize this plan of treatment. Once a plan of treatment is established services are implemented to address the problem(s). The services that are provided will be developed to meet the specific needs of each individual, couple or family.

Services for Adults

When providing services to individual adults the plan of treatment process is much more streamlined because there is no interaction with another party. When providing services to couples the first session is generally with both parties. This allows me to observe the basic interactions between the couple and hear both sides of the issue(s). If necessary, we may have individual sessions to get into a more in depth discussion from the individual’s perspective of the problem issues that are bringing the couple in for therapy.

Services for Children or Adolescents

When providing services to children or adolescents the first session is always with just the parent(s) of the child or adolescent. Meeting with the parent(s) allows me an opportunity to gain a historical perspective of the problems their child or adolescent is having. The second session will be with the child or adolescent and one or both parents. Once the child or adolescent has reached a level of comfort with me, individual sessions with just the child or adolescent and me can begin. Throughout the course of therapy with a child or adolescent, parents will be kept abreast of how therapy is progressing. There may be times during this process where parent(s) will be ask to join the therapy sessions to help both parents and children or adolescents integrate issues discussed in therapy into their day to day life.

The length of treatment can vary greatly. What’s most important is that the problem is resolved and you gain a greater understanding of the factors that contributed to the problem. Treatment ends when you feel that situations in your life have improved and you decide the services are no longer necessary.

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